Review: Artribune | July 2020


Exhibition review by Giulia Pacelli for Artribune. Full article available here

After great international success, the Israeli artist, Gideon Rubin will present his first exhibition in Italy at the Milanese Gallery, Monica De Cardenas. Through a process of subtraction the artist creates, paradoxically, a stronger sense of identification with the protagonists of the works - which is the intent of Gideon Rubin. The London-based Israeli artist, born in 1973, presents an exhibition in the style of an anthology, a meditation on the process of depersonalization. Ghosts caught in moments of daily life, the removal of the facial features eliminates their dominance and demands on our attention, placing the viewer in an empathic dialogue with the work itself. The nose, mouth and eyes become secondary - the actions immortalized in Rubin’s scenes feel commonplace and relatable, and the poses are equally recognizable, the figures, characters and atmosphere are instantly understandable.

The images are exactly halfway between representation and abstraction - they are simultaneously bare, devoid of clues, whilst also being deeply evocative- and each scene is made all the more ambiguous by its apparent banality. Through anonymity, Rubin proposes a personal theory on the representation of the face in an era in which it seems to have lost all meaning.

Un’operazione di sottrazione volta a creare, quasi paradossalmente, una maggiore immedesimazione con i protagonisti delle opere: è questo l’intento di Gideon Rubin, classe 1973. L’artista israeliano presenta un’antologica basata sul processo di spersonalizzazione dei volti di persone-fantasma colte in momenti di vita quotidiana, eliminandone i tratti somatici o prediligendo altre parti del corpo e ponendo lo spettatore in un dialogo empatico con l’opera stessa. Attribuire naso, bocca e occhi alle figure ritratte diventa secondario: le azioni che si immortalano sono talmente comuni da poter riguardare chiunque indistintamente e le pose dei raffigurati altrettanto riconoscibili da renderne comprensibile il carattere e l’intento.
Le immagini si pongono esattamente a metà strada tra rappresentazione e astrazione, sono spoglie, prive di indizi di lettura, fortemente evocative e rese maggiormente ambigue dall’apparente banalità delle scene. Rubin, utilizzando l’espediente dell’anonimato, propone una personale tematizzazione della raffigurabilità del volto in un’epoca in cui sembra aver perso ogni significato: la cultura dei mass media è impiegata dall’artista solo come fonte che rielabora in un originale linguaggio pittorico dai toni sabbiosi.

Feature: Viceversa | Amativeness - Anatomia del Desiderio | July 2020

Italian-language publication Viceversa, features work by Gideon Rubin in the 2020 issue. 

More details can be found on the Johan & Levi website

Artsy | Feature: Milan Gallery Community | July - August 2020

Drawn Together | Unit Gallery, London | 11 June 2020


Gideon is pleased to take part in Drawn Together - a large-scale online exhibition that is designed to raise money and support for the medical staff and volunteers that are most in need of help during these troubling and unprecedented times. A one-of-a-kind online project, Drawn Together has been designed to demonstrate solidarity and support from the artistic community for the work that is being carried out in hospitals by care workers, medical professionals and volunteers. Proceeds from the auction will go towards two charities: Doctors without Borders and World Vision. 

UNIT London

Galleria Monica De Cardenas | 3 June - 10 October | Milan


Galleria Monica De Cardenas is delighted to announce the first solo exhibition in Italy by Gideon Rubin:

Rubin creates paintings where the figures are rendered without their facial features. Thus the gaze of the viewer is not captured by physiognomy, but by the atmosphere unleashed by the entire images; the subjects are characterised by their positions and attitudes, by the way they move in space and dress. Evanescent and melancholic, Rubin’s works speak of a past or a recollection that has surfaced in memory. The paint is dense and seductive, with fluid strokes that describe intimate atmospheres and complicity between the subjects portrayed. With their forcefully evocative character, these figures trigger direct empathy in the viewer.

Monica De Cardenas Via Francesco Vigano 4, 20124 Milan, Italy

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 3 - 7 pm & by appointment

Jerusalem Artists' House | Gideon Rubin - Black Book | Virtual Tour

Jerusalem Artists' House

Jerusalem Artists' House have created a virtual tour of their current exhibition, making it possible to 'visit' the space and explore the exhibitions during this period of self-isolation. Currently on display is 'Black Book' by Gideon Rubin, alongside exhibitions by Abraham Kritzman, Eyal Sasson, David Teboul and Ofri Lifshitz. 

To take the tour, please visit the website of the Jerusalem Artists' House

ADAA New York 2020 | Hosfelt Gallery | 26 February - 1 March 2020


Hosfelt Gallery will present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Gideon Rubin at the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) 2020, New York. Organised annually, the ADAA offers intimately scaled and thoughtfully curated presentations by the nation's leading fine art dealers, providing a rich selection of works from the late 19th century through today. 

Art Dealers Association of America Hosfelt Gallery, Booth D24, Park Avenue Armory, New York City

Black Book | Jerusalem Artist's House | 29 February - 25 April 2020


The Artist's House, Jerusalem will present the series of work titled Black Book - shown previously at the Freud Museum, London. Curated by Marie Shek, the exhibition is an opportunity to show the works in the unique setting of The Artist's House, Jerusalem - a historic building that housed The Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts.

The Artist's House Shmuel Hanagid 12, Jerusalem, Israel

To Paint is To Love Again, Curated by Olivier Zahm | Nino Mier Gallery, Los Angeles | 18 - 28 January 2020


Curated by Olivier Zahm, Editor-in-Chief of Purple Magazine, 'To Paint is To Love Again' brings together paintings by artists including Jim Shaw, Rene Ricard, Gus Van Sant, Urs Fischer, Vanessa Beecroft, Paul McCarthy, Guy Yanai, Jean Philippe-Delhomme, Adam Alessi, Marika Thunder Bus Ackermann, Evita Flores, Mark Tennant, Trey Abdella, Anna Weyant and Gideon Rubin. 

Nino Mier Gallery, 7277 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Self-Portrait: One Can Only Depict Oneself | City Gallery Kfar Saba, Israel | 9 January - 27 February 2020

'Self-Portrait: One Can Only Depict Oneself' - a group exhibition featuring work by Gideon Rubin, Anisa Ashkar, Asaf Ben Zvi, Eliahou Eric Bokobza, Nomi Bruckmann, Maya Cohen Levy, Jonathan Hirschfeld, Avner Katz and Ofer Lellouche - curated by Meira Perry-Lehmann.

City Gallery Kfar Saba Reisel Cultural Centre, 12 Geula Street, Kfar Saba, Israel 

On Hair and Bathing | The Artists House, Tel Aviv | 21 September - 14 December 2019


'Variations / On Hair' - a group exhibition curated by Irit Levin featuring work by Gideon Rubin, held at The Artists House in Tel Aviv.

The Artists House Elkharizi St 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Gideon Rubin Represented By Fox/Jensen Sydney & Fox Jensen McCrory Auckland

Plait, 2018

FOX/JENSEN and FOX/JENSEN/McCRORY are thrilled to announce that Gideon Rubin will be represented by the galleries in Sydney and Auckland.

Looking at Gideon’s paintings one certainly has the feeling that he shared something with each of the sitters. The children, the swimmers, the Red Army soldier, the dancers, the women, the landscape, the lovers – all somehow his. And though time and history make this implausible it is a highly desirable fiction. Gideon Rubin’s great capacity as a painter is to make these small, poignant narratives manifest in paint, alive with the awareness that only making can do. He brings us close to them through the humanity and discernment with which he approaches making.
Having first exhibited with the galleries in Eros (2019) Gideon will have his first solo exhibition in Auckland in 2020.

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair | Fox Jensen & Fox Jensen McCrory | 12 - 15 September 2019


Fox Jensen & Fox Jensen McCrory are participating in the 2019 edition of the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. Participating artists include Gideon Rubin, Erin Lawlor, Jan Albers, Callum Innes and Jenny Topfer amongst others. 

Booth E21, Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks, Sydney. 12 - 15 September 2019.

Eros | Fox Jensen McCrory Gallery, Auckland | July 2019


Travelling from Sydney, Australia, Eros is on display in Fox Jensen Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand. Participating artists include Gideon Rubin, Eric Fischl, Tomislav Nikolic, Hayv Kahraman,Tracey Snelling, Jane Bustin, Frank Kenis, Aiko Robinson, Hoda Asfhar and Man Ray. 

Fox/Jensen Gallery, 10 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Cardboard Citizens | Art on the Mind Auction | 19 June 2019


Art on the Mind brings together a group of artists for an exhibition and auction in aid of Cardboard Citizens, a charity that specialises in using the arts to help people affected by homelessness. Contributing artists include Jeremy Deller, Ian Davenport, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Harland Miller and Gideon Rubin. The auction is held by Paddle8, ending on 19 June 2019. 

Eros | Fox/Jensen, Sydney | 25 May - 25 June 2019


This small exhibition is a curious collection of evidence that we are, and always have been, surrounded by beautiful, dark, joyous, covert and occasionally unmasked eroticism - and that this everyday eroticism gives poignancy to our existence and bliss to our temporary animation.

Participating artists include Hayv Kahraman, Gideon Rubin, Eric Fischl, Tomislav Nikolic, Tracey Snelling, Jane Bustin, Frank Kenis, Aiko Robinson, Hoda Asfhar and Man Ray. 

Fox/Jensen Gallery Hampden Street, Paddington, Sydney NSW 2021, Australia.

Gideon Rubin - Artist in Residence | Palazzo Monti Residency Program, Italy | 7 - 28 May 2019

Palazzo Monti

Gideon Rubin will be the Artist in Residence at Palazzo Monti, an artist residency program based in Brescia, housed in a palazzo that dates back to 1200. Built in the XIII century, the residency is conveniently located at a short distance from the culturally rich cities of Milan, Venice and Florence. Decorated with Neoclassicist frescos from the late 1750s, the Palazzo provides an inspiring setting to create contemporary art.

Warning Shadows | Galerie Karsten Greve, Cologne | 11 April - 18 May 2019

Warning Shadows, Galerie Karsten Greve

Inspired by films and old photographs from family albums, pictures of celebrities and old-master portraits, illustrated magazines, not least impressions of everyday life, Gideon Rubin paints figures which he characteristically reduces. The artist is not interested in the individual. His human images therefore usually have a beige empty spot, a black spot, a gas mask or some other masking in the place where the face ought to be. Through posture and gesture, hairstyle and clothing or a characteristic attribute he depicts a type, a character or a historical personality.

Warning Shadows, Galerie Karsten Greve, Drususgasse 1-5,50667 Cologne

Embodied Landscape | Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris | 26 January - 27 February 2019

Red-Knickers, 35.5 x 30.5 cm, Oil on Linen

Group show featuring the work of Gideon Rubin, Georgia Russell, Sergio Vega, Lawrence Carroll, Ma Jun and Thomas Brummett. 











COMRADE | Anat Ebgi Gallery | May 12 - June 23 2018 | Opening Reception May 12 6-8pm


Anat Ebgi is pleased to announce Comrade, an exhibition by London-based, Israeli artist Gideon Rubin. Continuing his fascination with memory and history, Rubin uses found images as the armature for abstract portraits of the past. The exhibition is the culmination of a month-long residency at The La Brea Residency.

Anat Ebgi, 2260 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90034                                             

The Kaiser's Daughter | Hosfelt Gallery | March 17th - April 28th 2018 | Opening reception March 17th 4-6pm


Most of the paintings in Gideon Rubin’s sixth solo exhibition with Hosfelt Gallery were selected from work made for an exhibition at the Freud Museum in London.  As source material, Rubin — an Israeli living in London whose work always refers to found images — mined photographs illustrating a serialized English-language edition of Mein Kampf that was published in 1939, the same year that Rubin’s grandparents, like Sigmund Freud, fled Europe to escape Nazi persecution. 

Gideon Rubin | Billboard Commission | Kingsgate workshops / Kingsgate Project Space | Feb 7th - April 14th 2018


FEATURE | TimeOut London | Gideon Rubin: Black Book


BLACK BOOK | Sacha Craddock in Conversation with Artist Gideon Rubin | Freud Museum London | 20.02.2018 | 7pm


Art critic and writer Sacha Craddock will be in conversation with artist Gideon Rubin about his Freud Museum project BLACK BOOK and discussing the way propaganda is used to generate racial conflict, which in turn affects the plight of asylum seekers and refugees. 

The conversation will be moderated by curator James Putnam. 

BLACK BOOK | Freud Museum London | 07.02.2018 - 15.04.2018


The Freud Museum is pleased to present BLACK BOOK, an exhibition of new work by Gideon Rubin and the latest in a critically acclaimed series curated by James Putnam. Rubin’s specially created project for Freud’s final residence relates to the era of the late 1930s, when Freud left Vienna for London. It comprises a series of paintings on canvas, linen and paper with subject matter drawn from original pre-WW2 German magazines that Rubin has collected specifically for the project. 

If This Not Be I | Alon Segev Gallery | 16.12.2017 - 26.01.2018


Gideon Rubin, 'Untitled (In the Field)', Oil on Canvas, 2017

Water, Heart, Face | Jerusalem Biennale | 01.10 - 16.11.2017 

Gideon Rubin, 'Untitled', Gouache on paper, 2014

Group Show | Summer Show | Galerie Karsten Greve St. Moritz | 30.06 - 19.08.2017 


Gideon Rubin, 'Untitled', Gouache on cardboard, 2017


Group Exhibition | Kunstlerraume II | Galerie Karsten Greve | 30.06 - 02.09.2017


Exhibition | Once Removed | Pharos Art Foundation 17.05 - 05.07.2017


Pharos Art Foundation

Group Exhibition | THE READING ROOM | Rokeby 22.02 - 20.04.2017


Gideon Rubin, 'Untitled', Gouache on paper, 38x27.5cm, 2016

Featuring work by Sam Dargan, Lara Davies, Ej Major, Abigail Reynolds, Gideon Rubin

Exhibition | Memory goes as far as this morning: A dialogue between Gideon Rubin and Shu Qun | Chengdu MoCA 

23.9.2016 -8.11.2016


Exhibition | Questions of Forgiveness | Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris 


Exhibition | Words Without Letters


Group show at Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv Curated by Guy Yanai September 3rd, 2015


"Memory goes as far as this morning" | Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel  | 30.05.2015 – 22.08. 2015



Gideon Rubin | Blue House

GIDEON RUBIN | Delivering Newspapers | 22.01.2015 - 26.03.2015