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On Hair and Bathing | The Artists House | 21 Sept - 14 Dec 2019

GR - 1209 - Untitled 107x012cm oil on li

Curated by Irit Levin, the group exhibition 'On Hair and Bathing' is on view at the Artists House Tel Aviv, Israel until 14 December 2019.

Eros | Fox Jensen Gallery, Sydney |  May - June 2019


This small exhibition doesn’t pretend to be more than it is – a curious collection of evidence that we are and always have been surrounded by beautiful, dark, joyous, covert and occasionally unmasked eroticism. That this everyday eroticism gives force and poignancy to our existence, bliss to our temporary animation, and surprisingly regular highlights to the sometimes dry narratives of AH101.
What is clear from this slice of Eros is the range and distinctiveness of how we approach the erotic. From Gideon Rubin’s (IL) undemonstrative and highly sensitive paintings that are tuned to a more “domestic” eroticism; to Hayv Kahraman’s (USA) loaded compositions that conflate cultural and art historical references with a deeply personal self-examination; to Aiko Robinson’s (NZ) contemporary resuscitation of Japanese “shunga” pornography. For all of these artists there is lengthy precedent for the conceptual basis for their work but they bring idiosyncrasy and freshness to the aesthetics of Eros. 

Hoda Afshar’s (AUS) suite of photographs Behold offer an intimate view into a concealed world where tenderness rubs up against illegality, where sexuality is necessarily covert, not because some audiences might feel the need to claim protection but the protagonists depend on it. Tracey Snelling’s (USA) humorous but confronting dioramas are exposés of strip-tease at the strip-mall. The collision of uptight Christian morality going head-to-head with those giving head declares the extent of the cultural discord. Oddly both venues welcome you with open arms and promise to deliver ecstasy.
Alongside these works are extraordinary paintings by Tomislav Nikolic (AUS), Eric Fischl (USA), Jane Bustin (UK) and Frank Kenis (BEL) each of whom attend to notions of the sensual and the erotic – from Bustin’s and Nikolic’s distilled poetic symbolism to Fischl’s and Kenis’s forceful painterly explicitness.

Eros will travel to Fox Jensen McCrory in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Artist in Residence | Palazzo Monti Residency | Brescia | May 2019

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 16.15.40.png

Gideon Rubin will be the Artist-in-Residence at Palazzo Monti, an artist residency program based in Brescia, housed in a palazzo that dates back to 1200. Built in the XIII century, the residency is conveniently located at a short distance from the culturally rich cities of Milan, Venice and Florence. Decorated with Neoclassicist frescos from the late 1750s, the palazzo provides an inspiring setting to create contemporary art.

Warning Shadows | Galerie Karsten Greve, Cologne | 11 April - 18 May 2019

GR - 2549 - Untitled (LR)_100x85cm_oilon

Gideon Rubin’s most recent work follows several years of working with magazines and publications dating from the first half of the 20th century. The title of Rubin’s latest exhibition – “Warning Shadows” – is borrowed from a 1923 Weimar Cinema film of the same title, in which a puppeteer uses shadow theatre to show the audience the consequences of acting upon their desires. The title alludes to the warning signs throughout history that point to the writing on the wall. 


Rubin worked with imagery taken from magazines, films and newspapers for his exhibition at the Freud Museum, London (2018); where he painted over - censoring and altering - images that originated from Germany in the years leading up to WW2.


Following his exhibition at the Freud museum, Rubin completed an artist residency in LA, where he focused on Hollywood images from the 50’s - a politically-charged decade that reflected a difficult period in the film industry’s history. Rubin’s work in LA continued the theme of the Freud Museum exhibition while further relating to modern-day social and political turmoil in more recent decades. 


Returning to London, in a second-hand bookshop Rubin came across a book on the stars of the Weimar Cinema with imagery that ignited his most recent series of paintings. The images of the Weimar films combine several aspects of Rubin's work - the time between the wars, the culture and media of that period and the characters that have come to represent those times in our collective memory. 


Shot in black-and-white, the films of the Weimar cinema have a striking aesthetic with extraordinary attention given to the detailed sets and costumes. Rubin painted the Weimar actors and actresses, focusing in particular on the films Madchen in Uniform (1931), Menschen am Sonntag (1930) and Die Todesschleife (1928). 


Also on display are works from the series ‘Travel Paintings’. In 2016 Rubin took part in a residency programme (supported by Galerie Karsten Greve and Outset), which was an artistic exchange between China and Israel. In the project titled ‘Places of Conflict’, the Chinese video artist, Chen Ran, traveled to Israel, while Gideon Rubin visited Xinjiang – a province in China that is subject to increasingly more extreme government control and oppression. 


The aim was to make works that reflected upon and reacted to the situation that each artist encountered on the ground in their respective hosting countries, which focused on places of conflict. The resulting works capture the atmosphere in an area that is deeply affected by political and cultural turmoil, acting as a snapshot of the everyday lives of those populations affected and challenged by conflict. The ‘Travel Paintings’ series consists of 27 small-format oil paintings on linen that document a range of subjects from the interior of a hotel room and clothes drying on a line, as well as the more extreme aspects of life in Xinjiang, such as the presence of armoured vehicles and police on the streets. 


Both series presented in ‘Warning Shadows’ question our ability to learn a lesson from history, exploring how it informs and mirrors the present day. 

The Conversation | Minnesota St Project | January  5 - 26 2019

The Conversation, Minnesota Street Proje

The Conversation is a group presentation from our roster of artists including Martin Basher, Ethan Cook, Chris Coy, Amie Dicke, Alec Egan, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, An Te Liu, Jason Bailer Losh, Jordan Nassar, Neil Raitt, Jay Stuckey, Samantha Thomas, alongside Sara Berman, Michael John Kelly, Gideon Rubin, Robert Russell, Caroline Walker, Sara Ann Weber, and Janet Werner. This eclectic group of artists, working across a range of media and interests, showcase the gallery’s commitment to formal experimentation and dialogue with materiality and processdriven work.

The Minnesota Street Project

How to Travel in Time | Apexart, New York | November 8 - December 22 2018

Black Book, Freud Museum London,

Black Book will feature in a group show, curated by S.I. Rosenbaum at apexart NYC. Participating artists include Morehshin Allahyari, Lee Brogan, Hector Ferriero, Nicolas Galanin, Gideon Rubin, Larissa Sansour and Soren Lind. 

The idea of travelling in time to alter or salvage the past is one of the few narrative motifs that appear in human cultures after the 1800s. Major narrative forms were invented, again and again, in my cultures and many times, but nowhere in human folklore, scripture, drama or poetry does the idea of time travel arise until the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. 

La Mere la Mer | McEvoy Foundation for the Arts | San Francisco | October 18 2017 - January 13 2018

La mere la mer, McEvoy Foundation for th

The inaugural exhibition at McEvoy Arts, la mere la mer (translation: the mother, the sea) features works from the collection of Nion McEvoy and the collection of his mother, Nan Tucker McEvoy. Participating artists include: Wayne Thiebaud, Richard Diebenkorn, Ed Ruscha, David Hockney, Gideon Rubin, Anne Collier, Carsten Holler, Roe Ethridge and Ragnar Kjartnasson. For further details, please refer to the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts website.

Black Book | Freud Museum London | February 7 - April 15 2018

Freud Museum, London - Desk.jpg

The Freud Museum is pleased to present BLACK BOOK, an exhibition of new work by Gideon Rubin and the latest in a critically acclaimed series curated by James Putnam. Rubin’s specially created project for Freud’s final residence relates to the era of the late 1930s, when Freud left Vienna for London. It comprises a series of paintings on canvas, linen and paper with subject matter drawn from original pre-WW2 German magazines that Rubin has collected specifically for the project. These magazines contain idealised images of heath and efficiency to promote the myth of Aryan supremacy as Nazi propaganda.  Rubin has subverted these images in his characteristic style by masking out the faces, Nazi references and swastika motifs. This process relates to our human tendency to block out unpleasant memories from our psyche. For more information, please see the Freud Museum website.

Once Removed | Pharos Centre for Contemporary Art, Cyprus | 2017

Email invite 3_800px.jpg

Exhibiting a number of works on paper, 'Once Removed' will also include a number of paintings in Gideon's  first solo exhibition in Cyprus. 

Memory Goes As Far As This Morning | Chengdu MOCA | 2017

Poster MOCA.jpg

Chengdu MOCA will present an exhibition of two established artists of different backgrounds: Gideon Rubin, from Israel, and Sun Qun, from China. The title of the show is a line from the poet Bei Dao, which alludes to the disposable nature of the news: "The national has lost its memory/ memory goes as far as this morning". Memory and history are universal themes, and they are explored by both artists in this two-man show. 

Memory Goes As Far As This Morning | San Jose ICA | 2016

San Jose ICA, Memory Goes as Far as This

This exhibition is the result of two artist residencies - one in Israel and one in China - where Gideon Rubin made work that responded to newsprint and pages from popular magazines. Through this work, Rubin presents the viewer with an invitation to view photography and media through a lens of doubt and uncertainty. For more information, please see the ICA website.

L'Autre Visage | Galerie Univer, Paris | 10 September - 19 December 2015

Visage de l'Autre.jpg

Daily Memories | Kunstmuseum Magdeburg, Germany | 2014


 Huabao / Story Telling |  Misthaus, Shenzhen, China | 2014

rr - Huabao3.jpg

An exhibition of works by Gideon Rubin and Silia Ka Tung is presented at MISTHAUS.

'Gideon Rubin, Huabao / Silia Ka Tung, Story Telling' opens to the public on the 25th October. MISTHAUS, 54-1 Kengbei Village, Wutong Mountain Art Town, Luohu, Shenzhen, China. 

139 x Nothing But Good | Tilburg, Netherlands |  2014

Untitled (nude)_30x25cm_oilonlinen_2014.

The Dorian Project | Group Show at SecondGuest, New York |  2012

GR - 0918 - Young Mr Gray_30x25cm_oilonl

The Dorian Project, curated by Ilan Cohen and Quang Bao, will present an intimate apartment show of more than 40 emerging and established artists. Inspired by Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Grey, the exhibition will include works by Guy Ben-Ari, Matt Bollinger, Marlene Dumas, Oscar Munoz, Elizabeth Peyton and Gideon Rubin. 

To Have a Voice | Glasgow School of Art, Scotland |  2012

GR - 1555 - Velazquez_11x10cm_gouacheonc

No New Thing Under The Sun | Royal Academy, London | 2012

GR - 0873 - Untitled 35x30cm oil on line

No New Thing Under the Sun brings together selected historical pieces from the Royal Academy Collection with works by contemporary artists. Mixing together exhibits by contemporary artists with carefully selected drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures and paintings from the RA Collection, the show offers a wide variety of ideas to do with life and death: from the cynical to the celebratory, from the rational to the magical, from the astonishingly gruesome to the tenderly poignant. Ultimately it points to a broader philosophy about the nature of art itself, posing the question: can there be anything new under the sun? Artists featured in the exhibition include: Marius Bercea, Pavel Buchler, Patrick Caulfield, John Constable, Tacita Dean, Gilad Efrat, Tracey Emin, Roland Flexner, James Gillray, Peter Harrap, Cantemir Hausi, William Hogarth, Idris Khan, Natasha Kissell, Ciprian Muresan, Eadweard Muybridge, Christopher Orr, Samuel Palmer, Seb Patane, GB Piranesi, Muntean / Rosenblum, Victor Racataau, Gideon Rubin, Daniel Silver, George Stubbs, Amikam Toren, Julian Trevelyan, JMW Turner, and Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor. Curated by Gabriel Coxhead, with assistant curator Peter Harrap, in collaboration with Nick Savage, Head of Collections and Library at the Royal Academy.

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