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Exhibition Review: Artribune | Monica De Cardenas | August 2020

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After great international success, the Israeli artist, Gideon Rubin will present his first exhibition in Italy at the Milanese Gallery, Monica De Cardenas. 

Through a process of subtraction the artist creates, paradoxically, a stronger sense of identification with the protagonists of the works - which is the intent of Gideon Rubin. The London-based Israeli artist, born in 1973, presents an exhibition in the style of an anthology, a meditation on the process of depersonalization. Ghosts caught in moments of daily life, the removal of the facial features eliminates their dominance and demands on our attention, placing the viewer in an empathic dialogue with the work itself. The nose, mouth and eyes become secondary - the actions immortalized in Rubin’s scenes feel commonplace and relatable, and the poses are equally recognizable, the figures, characters and atmosphere are instantly understandable.

The images are exactly halfway between representation and abstraction - they are simultaneously bare, devoid of clues, whilst also being deeply evocative- and each scene is made all the more ambiguous by its apparent banality. Through anonymity, Rubin proposes a personal theory on the representation of the face in an era in which it seems to have lost all meaning.

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